On Resistance

negative-mental-chatter.resistanceA few years ago I stumbled upon a website that would send me an image a week.  The response was that those on the mailing list could write short poems or stories and post those to the website.  A simple enough concept, and not necessarily all that original.  As a matter of fact I’m not all that sure why I stayed with it, other than I offered it to my students and a few of them wrote on the images. However, after a year that website stopped sending things and its originator morphed the website into a blog and mailing list focused on creative living.  In the end, that shift was brilliant.  The website is now called “Honelife.”  

What I like most about the website is the way it addresses life as a creative act and helps you deal with those hesitancies and blocks that prevent you from moving forward with the life you truly want to live.

Case in point is today’s post, on resistance…that force that intercedes and pushes against us as we try to move forward with creative or major life decisions.  quote-the-mental-suffering-you-create-is-always-some-form-of-non-acceptance-some-form-of-unconscious-eckhart-tolle-54-58-53