The Limits of Community and the Future of Going Gradeless

To what extent is grading an unexamined process that is part of a system that’s less about learning and more about sorting, stigmatizing, and sickening our children in pursuit of a perfection that is neither attainable nor healthy?

Teachers Going Gradeless

This is the second in a series of posts exploring teaching and learning in the de-graded and de-tested language arts classroom. Read the first post here

Teaching can be a lonely profession. Even though I come into contact with 120 people every day, most of the interactions are asynchronous. The relationships I have with my students are authentic, and I do my best to build reciprocity and trust, but I’m in a different place than them. The relationships I form with students are also circumscribed by centuries of hierarchical teacher/student dynamics.

On the other hand, my peers and I are on equal footing. But the demands of the job keep a tight leash on what we talk about and when we talk about it. When I meet with my fellow 7th grade English teachers, for instance, we’re expected to follow the district’s meeting template. And when it comes to…

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Trailblazers- Student Driven EdMagazine

Amazing work by students empowered to make a change, given necessary guidance, and the time to do quality work.

The Life of Pinya

It’s official, the first edition of Trailblazers, a student driven magazine on the Education Transformation Movement, is here with young writers from around the world contributing!!!! My peers in the Innovation Diploma, Abigail Emerson and Kaylyn Winters, and I have been working at this project all year after some last minute edits over the summer, we now feel it is time to ship the idea and get it out into the world.

So please check out our first edition which includes:

A Letter From the Founders

Meet the Curators: Anya Smith-Roman, Kaylyn Winters, Abigail Emerson

The learner-centered movement: Q&A: Sparkhouse Conference

Creating Something New: Brady Vincent

Change is a Conversation: Neel Pujar

Free Ranged vs. Caged: Kim Mi Yeoh

Intelligence: Cali Ragland

Community Connections

Good Reads

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!! Can’t wait for issue 2!

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20 Time Presentations — 2017 Schedule

PVHS Staff: Here's the schedule of student 20 Time presentations for Monday, June 5--Thursday, June 8.  If you can make it (you can just come to watch or you can help evaluate), please sign up on the appropriate period's sign-up sheet (hit the hyperlinked Periods).  Thanks. Period 2 Monday, June 5 Isabelle Barrett--Language Learning:  Video … Continue reading 20 Time Presentations — 2017 Schedule

Storytelling in Teaching: People Love What Other People Are Passionate About

A student I learned with this year spins a good story about her first week in the classroom and why Storytelling is so important.

Curiosity in Education

In this first week of career study, I have been thinking a lot about storytelling.

Some of the best teachers I have ever had were so impactful because they knew how to spin a good story. Sometimes it might seem that storytelling in teaching might only lend itself to subjects like history or english. However, it seems that there is a good story to find in everything, and when this story is brought out, students can better see the intricate connections within the material and between the material and other things. Storytelling does not have to just be a lecture format. Stories can be told all the time; when reviewing a packet or a test, during a science lab, anywhere.

In order to really tell the story of a certain topic really well, it seems that one really needs to have a mastery of knowledge of their material, as well…

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