Do No Harm: A Teachers’ Hippocratic Call to Action

So my district is talking about "doing school different."  Sorry, but haven't many schools been talking (or avoiding talking) about it for long enough?  (See featured image above.) There's plenty of reason to stop talking about it and start doing it, and most of the reasons stem all the way back to Postman and Weingartner, if … Continue reading Do No Harm: A Teachers’ Hippocratic Call to Action


“Doing School Different”

Our new superintendent has initiated her tenure through this post's titular phrase.  While I'm not enamored of the phrase "doing school," I'm all for "thinking different"  and I hope my fellow teachers don't, as is to often the case, approach this invitation from our superintendent with the perennial "change fatigue."   However, we're two days … Continue reading “Doing School Different”

“Only Connect”–They Listen and They Hear

  A few weeks ago I initiated a series of blog posts at (cross posted here, and vice versa) investigating the rationale for using design-based learning as a teaching method.  I wrote I would be delving more into the ways I see design as a method that honors the traditions and goals of liberal education … Continue reading “Only Connect”–They Listen and They Hear