Extraordinaires Design Club: Designerly Minded Teachers

As followers of this blog may know, I have been working with and observing a group of Middle School learners since late November as they meet weekly to play and learn with the Extraordinaires Design Studio.  We started in November and December by getting to know one another,  learning about user-centered design and empathy's central place in … Continue reading Extraordinaires Design Club: Designerly Minded Teachers

Design Lab: The Last Update?

The first iteration of Perkiomen Valley High School’s Design Lab is over. Here’s one student’s reflection on the semester’s successes and opportunities.

Adventures of a Teenage Dreamer

Design Lab ended…

The semester was officially over on Friday, and with it goes an amazing class that I will never forget. As a quick rundown, Katie and I made a slideshow for our project which we presented to the class, some administrators, and two of the designers from the business PlusUs. I think it went really well given that we only had 8 minutes to present our entire project from start to finish, and everyone else also did a great job.

After the presentations on the 18th, Katie and I have just been cruising along with rest of the class as we couldn’t really do anything in a week and a half. Mr. Heidt surely knew how to keep us busy though, and he planned for us to have a guest speaker on the 25th and another final discussion/presentation to the assistant superintendent for the last day. The…

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An “Extraodinairey” Christmas Carol

Many readers know I'm fascinated with a product from The Creativity Hub called The Extraordinaires Design Studio.  If you're not familiar with The Creativity Hub, you ought to check them out.  They've built a reputation on their first product, Rory's Story Cubes, but are taking gaming and learning to the next level with their Design Studio … Continue reading An “Extraodinairey” Christmas Carol

An Extraordinaires Design Club: Christmastime Update

As some readers may know, I'm currently piloting a middle-school design club using The Creativity Hub's "Extraordinaires Design Studio."  One of the main goals of the club, beyond introducing students to the world of design and design thinking, is to help build their empathy muscles, something many consider a workout more people in the world … Continue reading An Extraordinaires Design Club: Christmastime Update