Design Thinking For College Admissions

How experience in a High School Innovation thru Design Thinking class led to an amazing experience for a college freshman


“Doing School Different”

Our new superintendent has initiated her tenure through this post's titular phrase.  While I'm not enamored of the phrase "doing school," I'm all for "thinking different"  and I hope my fellow teachers don't, as is to often the case, approach this invitation from our superintendent with the perennial "change fatigue."   However, we're two days … Continue reading “Doing School Different”

“What’s that Type of Learning Look Like?”

Like many other teachers, I use my summer to reset, refresh, and recharge for the coming year.  For me, that means I finally get the time to engage with the words and the voices of people who are interested in shifting the way we--I hate this term--"do school."  However, for the past three years (more … Continue reading “What’s that Type of Learning Look Like?”