Extraordinaires Design Club: Designerly Minded Teachers

As followers of this blog may know, I have been working with and observing a group of Middle School learners since late November as they meet weekly to play and learn with the Extraordinaires Design Studio.  We started in November and December by getting to know one another,  learning about user-centered design and empathy's central place in … Continue reading Extraordinaires Design Club: Designerly Minded Teachers

An Update on the Project – Finally

Some of my students doing an independent study looking to reconnect learning and curiosity within the culture of public schooling.

Curiosity in Education

After having our schedule filled with school trips, college visits, and AP testing, we are finally back in class and are beginning get a better sense of what this prototype will look like. We’ve gathered so much information through teacher and student interviews so we have a pretty clear picture illustrated to us of what an engaging classroom looks like for many students and teachers at our school, obstacles to curiosity and having this engaging and empowering classroom environment, and what students and teachers believe is the goal of their education.

We’ve gathered and culled this information but have been unsure of how to package it into something that would help to cultivate curiosity and foster an engaging and empowering environment in classrooms.

At first, we thought that perhaps some sort of book or guide would be the best way to convey this information we’ve gathered, but we were hesitant…

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Romeo and Juliet Tarot Cards

Romeo and Juliet Tarot Cards: A project by a 9th-grade student.

So, yeah. Open the door to student choice, allow for negotiation on projects and, viola! You get something as magnificent as this project.

[ Words Beyond Walls ]

For this final Romeo and Juliet project, I drew my inspiration from traditional tarot cards, which are used by fortune tellers to predict what will happen to a person. In tarot cards, the simple details are the most essential parts: a snake can stand for revenge, a star stands for guidance, and fire stands for destruction. I decided to do tarot cards as one, it gave me room to be creative and interpret the characters/events as I imagined them, and two, it allowed me to add symbolism and depth to the characters. Below are my reasonings for why I did what I did.

Section One: Characters

image1Romeo and Juliet: I

The focus of this card is Romeo and Juliet kissing on the balcony as they did in the book. I wanted to make this card relatively simple and free of any intricate details, as the main focus should really just…

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